Misano pour l’avenir

Misano International participe activement à l'amélioration de notre planète, tant sur le plan environnemental que social. Les valeurs sont résumées dans la Stratégie de Responsabilité Sociale d'Entreprise du Groupe.

Domaines d'intérêt
Diversité et inclusion - En tant qu'entreprise opérant dans de nombreuses régions du monde, nous croyons que la diversité et l'inclusion de toutes les différentes cultures est l'une de nos plus grandes forces.




In the past few years, we have been asking ourselves how MisanoGroup could contribute to a cleaner and better planet, in order to try and make a change in a largely polluting industry. During the various discussions we had amongst collogues, both formally and informally, the desire to make a strong change was once again iterated by our collogues in Misano Beijing.

Our collogues in Beijing were heavily inspired as “for many years we have been living in a country that has made a commitment to the world to fight pollution, and in the last few years, has managed to reach part of its targets. We have been witnessing first-hand what means living through dark foggy days filled with smog in the streets and were therefore moved by our sensitivity to the problem, to find a way to make our contribution and started creating brainstorming sessions with our collogues in Italy and in Middle East.”

 Despite not being our line of expertise and the fact that we did not know where to start, we decided to make monthly meetings to discuss the issue at hand. The meetings were held with clearly set goals aimed at finding a solution as we were aware that everything starts from a single action, and we could not wait much longer.

 As it always happens when there is a clear and strong intention, things slowly become reality. By sharing our concerns and ideas with some friends, equally involved in this sort of environmental project, we came across Treedom. We really liked that the latter company was able to provide change, to both the planet and communities, through planting its crops. Their mission also went beyond than planting a tree, but they also took part in the local community, by supporting the locals into building a sustainable life for themselves.

It took us months to understand how to tackle this project, but managed to finally have a clear set of objectives and set out a milestone to have everything ready for the New Year. Our main goal was to foster our “individual & corporate” contribution to the planet, on an environmental and social level.  

 This is how “Hope” came to life!

 Hope that inspires action, strengths, awareness of our personal resources and leads us to be conscious about what we individually can do for our planet and for the well being of all people.

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The role of women in Treedom projects.

Women learn how to grow a seedling from a seed, how to take care of it, how to graft, and how to geotag trees with GPS. They find themselves in possession of professional skills they can pass on to others, and with an additional income opportunity that they almost all decide to invest in their children's education.