Graphite electrodes

Misano products

Misano International has an over thirty-year experience in the graphite electrodes sector.

Misano International’s success lies in the careful selection of our suppliers, raw materials, and our stringent and quality controls. Nowadays the company is renowned all around the world and prides itself on strong collaborations with the biggest steel makers in the world.

Misano International applies its strict and specific quality control parameters such as (dimensional allowances, density, preset screws parameters and resistance requirements). Then lastly Misano International applies its antioxidant MISANO ULTRA 3-H treatment. The process consists in the impregnation of the electrode in a closed vacuumed environment where a thin layer of product is applied. The product then seeps through the product's pores and puts itself as a shield against the natural oxidation of graphite. This treatment is applied to all kinds of GE grades and qualities and has the aim of limiting the graphite electrode's column lateral oxidation by therefore limiting its use.

The company has worked towards the bettering of its technicians and was therefore able to create Misano Engineering. A department capable of identifying the real requirements associated with the different needs of graphite electrodes in each steel plant, needed in order to insure on plant technical assistance.